Storm of War to relaunch…

~S~ All,

The decision has been made that Storm of War will relauch, much to the relief of many online Cliffs of Dover fans! No date has yet been set, but more news will be following.

Hopefully we’ll see a clean fight, with both sides participating to the max and playing for the whole team and the ambitions of the server admins may well be realised.

RAF Recruitment Poster 2

“Hi guys,

Dietrich, Phill and I have just finished a round of forum discussions, and a TS meeting from which I am pleased to announce that we are going to give it another go and that there WILL be a SoW 4.0.

This iteration will see most of the same mechanics, with some fixes and tweaks here and there and probably NO significant new features. Importantly, it will also see a return to “the vision” of SoW so some changes/compromises (and their impacts) will be reversed out.

At the moment, there is no scheduled release date, I want to make sure that all features are fully tested before we release this time (yep, lesson learned there!) but we will update you on this within the next fortnight. (note – the update may be “we still don’t have a date”).

We will be posting some additional threads about what will be expected of players in SoW 4.0, a restatement of what “the vision” is, and a request for Command Team volunteers as well as an expectation for those roles.”

Reddog’s forum post

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