Simple Radio (SRS) Settings

This is just a quick outline page showing my settings for the DCS Simple Radio communications program. If nothing else it is to give people an idea how to go about setting up their system so that they can join the server and communicate using Simple Radio using the radio frequencies in their aircraft. I can only point to what is working for me.

General Tab:

SRS General Screen

On this page you can choose the audio input and output. I currently use my Rift S headset for comms, and my speakers for all other audio. This is also the tab where you can choose the server that you want to join. The four plug icons at the bottom of the tab will turn green when they are all connected. You need to make sure that you have the right microphone selected before you connect to the server, it can not be changed once you are connected. You will need to disconnect.

Controls Tab:

SRS Controls Page

In this tab you set the controls for your radio. In most instances I’ve only found that I need Radio 1 and Radio 2. If you are flying a multi-crew aircraft with a second player then you may want to assign a button for the intercom as well. I currently have these buttons assigned to my HOTAS. The PTT button seems to be essential for WW2 aircraft.

Settings Tab:

SRS Settings - 1

SRS Settings Screen - 2

These settings I have left mostly unchanged, they’ve worked fine. This should allow you to use your radio keys to transmit and the different effects on voices.