The Georgia Insurgency

This scenario is fictional with a nod to recent events. 

Date: 16thFebruary 2019


Buoyed by success against rebels in Syria and Western inaction against their incursions in Ukraine and Crimea and with a friendly ear in the White House; Russia has launched an offensive against former Soviet Republics to bring them back under Russian control, starting with Georgia.

After the invasion in 2008, reclaiming Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Georgia was shown to be unable to withstand a Russian attack alone. The, then, President made new representations to join NATO, as other former Warsaw Pact nations had done after the end of the Cold War. NATO did not admit Georgia to the alliance but created a Membership Action Plan (MAP) but was reluctant to provoke Russia. NATO has started joint exercises with the Georgian armed forces in light of the current tensions.

The prelude to invasion has followed a similar pattern to previous incursions, stirring up of nationalism, demonstrations in the streets, internet trolls and calls for elections and referenda. A fractious atmosphere has developed, and it is only a matter of time before something erupts.

As a result of this NATO has again been requested to support the Georgian government. Turkey, which has grown closer to Russia since the Syria conflict and their President has become more autocratic, has refused support for Georgia and has moved troops and equipment to the border regions in defiance to NATO and refused the use of bases. This has left the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and a token force of US Marine Corps Harriers to support the Georgians; with the US unwilling to stand up to the Russians. A set of retired A-10A and F-5E aircraft has also been supplied as a gesture of goodwill. Sweden has sent a force of, previously, mothballed Viggens to Georgia to monitor the situation on behalf of the UN and attempt to keep the peace. They are keen to not get dragged into a conflict or see Europe plunged back into war.

Plane set:

UK Tornado Gr.4, C-17, C-130, Gazelle, E-3 Sentry
Germany Tornado IDS, Mig-29
France Mirage 2000C, KC-135R tanker support
Belgium & Netherlands F-16
Georgia Su-25T, F-5E, A-10A, Mig-21bis, Mig-15bis, L-39ZA, UH-1H
Poland & Czech Republic Mig-29A & L-39ZA
US Marines Harrier AV-8B & KC-130 tanker support flying from USS Tarawa
Russia Mig-29, Mig-21, Su-24, Su-25, Su27, Su33, Mi-8, Ka-50, IL-76, Tu-95, Tu-160
UN (Sweden, Norway, South Korea) Viggen, UH1-H, SA-342L, F-5E, F-16

Mission 1: Destroy insurgent camps

More missions are currently under development.

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