DCS Missions

We’ve been quite active in mission building for DCS World. the simulator has a very powerful mission editor with support for a range of triggers and randomisation of missions. It’s quite an enjoyable process once you can get into it; it really can become about interactive story-telling as much as a process for training and practice.

EAF hope to be able to run missions on a regular basis, with other Squadrons and interested individuals and we will try to post them on Social Media with invitations to join when appropriate.

Missions will contain a range of aircraft and are most likely to be held in the Georgia AO, but with possible excursions to Normandy, Nevada or the Persian Gulf.

Mission Set 1: The Georgia Insurgency

EAF OTU: Prop Training

EAF OTU: Dissimilar Air Combat Training

EAF Dam strike

DACT Training

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