Back to WW2?

Currently torn between modern strike aircraft and going back to my roots and WW2 flight simming…why?

So…Team Fusion and Cliffs of Dover

After a dramatic trailer and a big announcement news became sparse and speculation rife…so what is happening with Team Fusion and IL2 Cliffs of Dover?

Batte of Stalingrad/Moscow updated review

Hi all, So, I put up a post a few weeks ago about IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. It wasn’t very complimentary. I’ve had issues each time I have tried to run the game, some of them my hardware, some of them the game itself. I have now fixed my biggest issue, getting Track IR 3…

EAF Cliffs of Dover Campaign

Hi all, We’re trying to pull together a dynamic campaign for IL2 Cliffs of Dover. It will not be on the scale of Storm of War, and nowhere near as complex, but we’re looking for players to join while the Storm of War server remains down for updating and upgrading. The Italian contingent of EAF…

Storm of War Announcement

A new announcement from the Storm of War team, so it may not be long until the Long War 4 starts and we get to have another crack at the Blue team. From Reddog: Hi guys, two weeks since we said SoW would be returning, so I figured it would be good to update you…