About 79 Squadron Virtual Royal Air Force


Current Activity

79vRAF is a group located in Northern Europe and North America that come together on a regular basis to ‘fly’ in combat flight simulators online. Our main focus is DCS World, with occasional forays into IL2 Great Battles.

79vRAF focuses on a couple of DCS modules mostly

  • AV8B NA Harrier II from Razbam
  • ED F/A-18C Hornet Lot 20
  • ED Spitfire LF.MkIXe.

Members also fly other modules, but we are edging towards more aircraft with a capability to operate from carriers. 79vRAF is part of a wider group that also fly:

  • F-14B Tomcat – from Heatblur
  • SA342 Gazelle – from Polychop
  • UH-1 Huey – from Eagle Dynamics
  • F-16 – from Eagle Dynamics
  • P-47D – from Eagle Dynamics
  • P-51D – from Eagle Dynamics
  • Bf109K4 – from Eagle Dynamics
  • Fw190A8 and D9 from Eagle Dynamics
  • Mirage 2000 from Razbam

We have a Discord server and also use Simple Radio to communicate while online. Some of the group also enjoy playing ARMA III with, and without, different mods to spice things up a bit.

As well as this EAF79_Topsy has been producing a line in PC controllers with 1:1 scale with a Spitfire Mk IX cockpit.


79vRAF was formed in 2003, starting off in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1, progressing through the CFS series to IL2 1946 and on to IL2 Cliffs of Dover and DCS World and IL2 Battle of Stalingrad.

79vRAF members on a strike mission: Storm of War Server: June 2015

We pride ourselves in flying to the highest standards and like to ensure that we are well regarded online with an active participation in the community and on our favourite servers. 79vRAF joined the European Air Force in the summer of 2015, though this relationship has now ended. We, along with a group of squadrons from EAF, formed our own group in March 2021 after we’d taken a different direction with more of a focus on modern aircraft over purely World War Two aviation.

Joining us:

If you are interested in joining us please follow the link to our Discord Channel and introduce yourself. We’re looking for mature pilots who aren’t looking for a rank structure but enjoys trying to fly the aircraft to the best of their abilities and contributes to the group. Our recruitment process is currently under development but will be a six-week period of joining in with the group to see whether it is for you and to see how you fit in with us and us with you. At the end of the six-week period a vote is taken by the group. We run a training night on the third Thursday of the month, where we’ll try and run through new updates to modules and work on new things. We offer mutual support to pilots with issues, with different group members being specialists in different aircraft to help pass on knowledge, we have pilots with a high level of proficiency in the Hornet, Harrier, F-14, F-16, Spitfire, Thunderbolt and Bf109.

Viper Formation

We are an apolitical grouping and do not endorse or condone any politcal party. We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality or disabilities, our only exception is to say that members should be in a time-zone conducive to participation on Sunday evenings from 20:00 (GMT time).