Replica Spitfire Controls

EAF79_Topsy has been hard at work developing his replica Spitfire controls for PC Sim pilots. There have been a number of enquiries about his kit, so it makes sense to try and get that information into a single page.

Topsy’s prototype controls

While Topsy’s posts will still appear on the main page we’ll make sure that we link them all here so that they can be found easily and quickly.

Spitfire Controls Post 1

Spitfire Controls Post 2

Spitfire Controls Post 3

Spitfire Controls Post 4 – Video of controls

Spitfire Controls Post 5 – Controls in Flight in Cliffs of Dover

Spitfire Controls Post 6 – Testing in the DCS Spitfire Mk IX

Spitfire Controls Post 7

Spitfire Controls Post 8

Topsy’s Spitfire sim kit test rig

Customer feedback



Current pricing for the basic kit is 500 Eur incl VAT but excluding shipping. The optional add-on Chassis control unit is priced at 65 Euros incl VAT.

As the kits are made by hand to order, a 150 Eur down payment ensures work starting on your kit with the balance due when it is ready for shipping.

Please allow 8 weeks for 3D printing, adjusting, painting, assembly, wiring and testing which is all done by hand.

Booking order can be done via PayPal via my smartphone app “Spitfire Histories”, available both in iOS and Android appstores. The app is made by a french supplier but the texts are available in english.

Contact Topsy:

If you use the contact form below you will get through to Topsy directly