Replica Spitfire Controls

EAF79_Topsy has been hard at work developing his replica Spitfire controls for PC Sim pilots. There have been a number of enquiries about his kit, so it makes sense to try and get that information into a single page. If you’d like to talk to Topsy about the Spitfire Cockpit we have a Discord Channel set up that can get you in touch with him directly. Follow the link above for more.

Topsy’s cockpit still under construction

While Topsy’s posts will still appear on the main page we’ll make sure that we link them all here so that they can be found easily and quickly.

Spitfire Controls Post 1

Spitfire Controls Post 2

Spitfire Controls Post 3

Spitfire Controls Post 4 – Video of controls

Spitfire Controls Post 5 – Controls in Flight in Cliffs of Dover

Spitfire Controls Post 6 – Testing in the DCS Spitfire Mk IX

Spitfire Controls Post 7

Spitfire Controls Post 8

Topsy’s public simulator WIP – the seat section slides back for ease of access

Would you like to use these controls ?

Several fanatic WWII sim pilots have taken the plunge and asked Topsy to build control sets for them. Users are now up to squadron strength.

Two basic packs are offered, one the left had cockpit panel with trim wheels, throttle quadrant and VHF radio remote controller unit, the second a floor standing control column with spade grip, wheel brakes and paddle type firing button.


His latest project is to build a full cockpit section that he can take around to airshows and museums so that visitors can get a real idea of what it was like to fly a Spitfire. The cockpit is still in production and has lead him to re-create several other controls like the flaps operating lever, 5C/543 switches, starter & booster buttons, wobble pump, main fuel tank cock, auxiliary fuel tank cock & jettison lever and Ki-Gass engine primer pump. We have asked him to post some photos here of the construction phases so we can see how he’s getting on.

Contact Topsy:

If you use the contact form below you will get through to Topsy directly