DCS Harrier Training


With the RAZBAM Harrier being a mainstay of the EAF DCS effort it makes sense to bring all of the YouTube training material into one place for easy access and to ensure we’re working things through in a common process.

First off there is the, as ever, excellent Chuck’s Guide to the DCS Harrier


There are a number of excellent Tutorials on YouTube and one of the most notable is RedKite. I’ve put his playlist of Harrier tutorials below. To select a specific video click the menu icon in the top left of the video…

The ‘Grim Reapers‘ is another excellent channel with loads of tutorials for a range of DCS aircraft, as well as missions and general messing around in DCS.

Training missions:

EAF OCU – Georgia

EAF OCU – Normandy 

476th Air Weapons Range Objects – a set of objects to create training range targets

Custom Kneeboards:

Custom RAF Skins:

Mike Dixon’s generic RAF Harrier GR.9 skin pack