EAF79 Squadron YouTube Archive

79vRAF has had some good moments, from IL2 Cliffs of Dover on the Storm of War server, which were recorded and have been put on YouTube, some caused controversy – such as the airfield attack on Marquis West as JG4 were preparing to take off for a raid on South East England, others have shown the spirit of the defence from the Red Team on Storm of War. I’m hoping to start recording EAF in DCS world, mainly flying the Harrier, but have not been able to as yet.

Storm of War: The Long War 2

5 x Ju88’s in 3 minutes:

Happening across an unescorted raid of five Ju88’s over Kent…the results were predictable, but slightly unexpected. Normally the defensive fire is better than this! Recorded live with no edits (other than adding the Wallace and Grommit theme tune!)

Blenheim Mk IVF Fighter Ops:

I’d followed a Chain Home contact right along the South coast, just out to sea but took ages to finally pick it up. I was surprised by what I found…I was even more surprised to find a human escort in a Bf109E that had flown all the way with them.

Attack on Marquis West – Operation Tinned Mackeral:

A large scale, co-ordinated raid by the Red Air Force (RAF) on Marquis West, involving a large number of Blenheims from different squadrons and AI Wellingtons, the raid came together better than we hoped as all bombers arrived at the target from different directions in close waves. The RAF was able to keep most of the defenders at bay and inflict a knock out blow on the airfield – leaving it non-operational for some time.

The Great Gig in the Sky

An attack by EAF Blenheims on the Dunkirk invasion barges

Blinding Freya:

Hitting the Freya site at Dieppe with a low level strike in a pair of Blenheims

Hurricane Vs 8 x Bf110

EAF79_OD_ & EAF602_Red encounter 8 Bf110’s off the south coast…chaos ensues!

Raiding Arras:

On the final day of Storm of War V2.0 EAF79_Vortex and EAF79_OD_ join forces with the 20th BG and hit Arras – believed to be the home base of XVIII Fliegerkorps. This was our longest mission to date.

Hitting JG4 where it hurts:

The infamous raid on Marquis West while JG4 were preparing their raid. EAF79_Vortex, EAF79_OD_ and EAF602_Red take three Hurricanes across the Channel and cause some mayhem!

Intercepting a raid over the Thames Estuary:

How not to intercept a properly escorted raid! Using the famous EAF term of “I’ve got them surrounded” I get hammered by Bf109’s as I ended up split off from the Squad.

Storm of War: The Long War 3.0

Do-17Z head-on pass:

How not to approach a Do-17 in Cliffs of Dover with the sniper gunner! Otherwise, how to approach every other kind of bomber in Cliffs of Dover!

EAF Wingmanship:

EAF602_Red and EAF79_OD_ encounter high flying 109’s over “Hell’s Corner” and see them off…

Finishing off the stragglers:

A quick scramble after a raid sees the remaining Ju88’s splash down.

Heinkels over London:

A squadron of He-111’s arrives and never leaves; their escort having already been taken care of. EAF331_Stuntman and EAF79_OD_ demonstrate that head-on attacks do work!

Hitting Cherbourg Freya:

A determined group of EAF Blenheim pilots head for the Freya site at Cherbourg.

EAF Hunt Heinkels:

EAF602_Red and EAF79_OD_ go hunting for a Heinkel raid that is trying to escape UK airspace…

Vortex & OD strike back:

Vortex and OD fly on the deck in the late evening to hit Blue invasion equipment stationed in Cherbourg harbour.

Vortex & OD sink some ships:

With Cherbourg becoming a familiar attack ground Vortex and OD fly between chimney stacks to attack the invasion barges…

Coquelles = K.O

EAF79_Vortex leads EAF79_OD_ and EAF19_Pinetree on a low level strike on Coquelles airfield to finish the job from an earlier Wellington raid.

Long War 3 Finale

The Blue air force are looking to head for the Southampton/Portmouth area EAF79_OD_ and EAF331_MRAM have other ideas…

Long War 3 Finale – from the Ju88 PoV

XVIIIDietrich recorded the attack and you can see what it’s like from both sides as the Spitfires tear into the formation…