Back to WW2?

Currently torn between modern strike aircraft and going back to my roots and WW2 flight simming…why?

Oculus Rift S, DCS World and IL2 BoX

First of all, apologies for the long break in posting, I’ve been going through some tough times at home and the website had to take a break. I’m in the process of splitting with my wife now and there is suddenly more time available! As some of you may have seen I have been using…

Am I missing WW2 simming?

After a night on IL2 BoX what does the future hold for the direction of my simming? I end up trying to decide between IL2 and DCS!

IL2 new Spitfire MkIXe

Many of us eagerly awaited a new Spitfire in the IL2 upcoming Battle of Bodenplatte map ¬†which will represent the situation in Northern Europe when the Luftwaffe attacked allied airbases in France, Belgium and Holland on 1st January 1945. The date is important as the aircraft set should be historically correct for this period. Several…

Batte of Stalingrad/Moscow updated review

Hi all, So, I put up a post a few weeks ago about IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. It wasn’t very complimentary. I’ve had issues each time I have tried to run the game, some of them my hardware, some of them the game itself. I have now fixed my biggest issue, getting Track IR 3…