79 Squadron Roster

79vRAF is a proud member of the European Air Force, we have a small, but dedicated team of pilots, but we’re always welcome to new members. Below are some of our current members, active and non-active. The full EAF Roster can be found here.

79vRAF Crest - Transparent.psd
79vRAF Crest

CO: EAF79_OD_ (NV – O)

EAF79_Topsy (NV – T)


EAF79_Vortex (NV – X) – now ATAG_Vortex

Missing in Action:

EAF79_Viper (NV – V)

EAF79_Firebird (NV – F)


EAF79_Chairman (NV – C)

EAF79_Para (NV – P)

EAF79_Spugnut (NV – S)

EAF79_Cobra (NV – ?)

EAF79_GenX (NV – G)

Below is an early Video showing some original 79vRAF members from around 2003.