TBD Inaugural Liberation Campaign

It’s been an interesting couple of months as TBD finally completed a full Liberation campaign on the Syria map, starting in Cyprus and making it all the way through Syria to take Allepo, via Palmyra.

Spitfire Sim kit Update Nov 2020

It’s been some time since my last post on the subject, so here are a few updates. a) Chassis operating unit Someone kindly pointed out that the status window on my Chassis Unit was not working as it should compared to the real aircraft, so after some head scratching and trials I managed to modify…

Blackhog b-explorer First Impressions

Hi all, After a long time away I’ve had my first opportunity to review some hardware, and for the first time ever I’ve even been sent a demo unit to try out; full-disclosure I’d bought one already so it’s not influenced my view in any way. So, the Blackhog b-explorer. I’m going to go in-depth…

Oculus Rift S, DCS World and IL2 BoX

First of all, apologies for the long break in posting, I’ve been going through some tough times at home and the website had to take a break. I’m in the process of splitting with my wife now and there is suddenly more time available! As some of you may have seen I have been using…

Am I missing WW2 simming?

After a night on IL2 BoX what does the future hold for the direction of my simming? I end up trying to decide between IL2 and DCS!