Flying Legends 2016

EAF managed to get a Europe wide representation to Flying Legends at IWM Duxford. IT was the first chance for some people to meet up with members from Scotland, Devon, Yorkshire, Italy and Norway.

The weather on the Saturday was a bit depressing at first with showers and heavy rain on the way down to Duxford, but it all came good, and we had a great day. For now I will post some pictures from the Flight Line with picture and footage from the show to follow later…

Bristol Blenheim Mk I

Gloster Gladiator

Hakwer Hurricane

Hawker Fury & Nimrod

Supermarine Spitfire




Author: 79vRAF

79vRAF is a group of friends that play flight simulators online. We use historical squadron codes and mainly fly in IL2 Cliffs of Dover. Our main focus in the Storm of War campaign, but we also fly on the ATAG server. 79vRAF joined the European Air Force in August 2015 so we are now part of a larger grouping. We can be recognised online with the tag EAF79_ Our motto is "Trust, Honour, Loyalty and Friendship" recruits are always welcome.

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