About 79vRAF

79vRAF was formed in 2003 when the CFS1 squad that the founders were in disbanded.  Most of these members are still with us today as a testament to the bonds that are formed in what we feel is the best online squadron.

When 79vRAF was formed we flew in two theatres, CFS1 and CFS3 where we enjoyed flying in the “WeekEnd Challenge”, or WEC.  WEC was a dogfight league where the online squadrons fought it out in tense dogfights to determine who was the top dog.  With the top teams fighting it out in single round elimination.

It was here that we first gained our reputation as one of the most honourable, aggressive, talented, and friendly squads in the virtual skies.

Unfortunately CFS3 did not live up to expectations and the concept of WEC never really took off in IL2 despite all ours, and others, efforts to make it happen.

79vRAF is a multi national squadron of the most gifted pilots from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Canada and the USA..  We look forward to hearing from you for challenges or possible recruitment.

In the summer of 2015 79vRAF linked up with the European Air Force which is why we now fly with the tags EAF79.

The European Air force is a group of over 30 players from all over Europe. We are divided into two Virtual Wings:

41 Wing, consisting of:
19 Squadron (UK)
79 Squadron (UK/Multi)
92 Squadron (UK)
310 Squadron (Czech/German)
322 Squadron (Belgian/Dutch)
331 Squadron (Scandinavian)
602 Squadron (Scottish)
51° Stormo Wing (Italian)

The European Air Force fly mostly RAF aircraft in the flight Simulations that we play. The structure of our community follows the structure of the RAF in WWII. However we are not limited to only RAF flying and will often fly on the Allied side of whichever Country we are representing in many of the online campaigns we get involved in.

51° Stormo is our Co-belligerent Italian wing, under the command of the European Air Force. Even though it is not an original RAF squadron, 51° Stormo flew Spitfires during the latter part of WWII.