Operation Dragon Slayer

After the success of Operation Desert Justice TBD are moving to the Pacific and the Mariana Islands. Sign up details are at the bottom of this post.


A massive cyber attack, which has taken down social media, emptied US citizen’s bank accounts and caused chaos in Washington was the prelude to a massive Chinese invasion of Taiwan; shocking the entire world. In parallel with this Beijing used the confusion to mount a surprise coup-de-main assault on the stategic US Pacific outpost of Guan. Using disguised cruise ships carrying commandos and sleeper agents the island was seized in a daring raid. As other US Forces race to help Taiwan repel the Chinese invasion, a US carrier group and USMC air/ground forces are steaming towards the Mariana Islands, setting the scene for the biggest naval clash since Midway.

Blue For Order of Battle:

F/A-18C Hornet

F-14C Tomcat

AV-8B Harrier

Enemy Order of Battle:

The People’s Liberation Army, Air Force and Navy are a force to be reckoned with. Their number and quality are able to stand toe to toe with a US Carrier Group in the region.




H6J long range bombers

KJ2000 AWACs

A primary threat will be the People’s Liberation Navy Lianoning class carriers

Rules of Engagement:

No known restrictions. All civilian aircraft are avoiding the area of operation.

Comms Plan:

Participants are expected to use SRS, hosted by TBD, with the TBD Discord Channel used as an initial meeting point for the brief and debrief.

Campaign Rules:

It is intended that this will be a drop-in/drop-out experience for participants, given the demands of RL. There is no pressure to fly every mission, but it is hoped that the immersive nature of the campaign will make it a must-attend event. New and returning players are welcome.

Importantly – this will be a ‘one life per mission’ campaign. (Exceptions for IT glitchs, mass crashes on take-off or events beyond a players control – eg spawning in on each otherl) There will be tracking (manual) of pilot kills and missions survived to allow players to build up a ‘kill streak’ and a squadron ‘kill board’. However if you lose a life – the stats will reset back to zero. (with a posthumous total re- corded).

Following player feedback from the Op Desert Justice campaign it was judged that the above system had been generally succesful in preventing ‘kill chasing’ and ‘lone wolves’ at the expense of teamwork.

CSAR and Ejections:

For DRAGON SLAYER because of the long distances and the fact there is no ground ‘front line’ as such, ejection rules will be that is a pilot ejects over water, they are automatically rescued by SEALs etc unless they are within 10nm of an enemy ship. Conversely if they eject over a friendly or enemy island they are automatically rescued/captured.

Air Tasking Order planning cycle:

Missions will be received from the CINCFLEET (Commander in Chief, Fleet) at least 48 hours prior to mission launch with mission briefing at 20:00 UK Local Time on Thursday evenings. This will give the main targets, tasks and allow participants to sign up, choose slots and roles. This process will close 00:01 on the Wednesday to allow CINCFLEET to prepare the missions.

Mission briefings will start at 20:00 UK Local Thursday evenings on Discord.

Player Roles:

CINCFLEET – Flashheart (runs Lib 5.0, assigns flights and generates /.miz. Hosts DCS mission. (Dep- uty: Red)

SCREWTOP – AEW/GCI -It is intended that we use human AWACs to provide BRA calls and situa- tional awareness via LotATC with the F10 map as backup. Fog of War will be on the F10 map. If possi- ble the SCREWTOP GCI role will be swapped around players to allow everyone to fly and also mean that the AEW/GCI reacts without having seen the mission in the Mission Editor,

STRIKE- Strike Coordination. This will be the on-scene package/flight commander who will make decisions on push go/no calls, reforms, alternate targets and when to RTB. Their role will be respond to any dynamic events if the mission goes off-plan, protect the aircraft/assets and the give the call to withdraw if the mission is complete or flights are encountering stiff resistance. A new STRIKE will volunteer/be chosen each mission to give people the experience of command.

End/Win state:

The intent is to progress this to advance southwards, capture FOBs and sink the enemy fleet. How- ever, It could be that we are defeated and run out of money. It may also be that the campaign experi- ences technical glitchs or there is a DCS update that breaks it – or that the AI makes it impossible to complete a mission. In which case the players will decide on whether to restart or exit the campaign.

Signing up:

If you are interested in joining in the campaign please sign up here stating your interest and your chosen aircraft. Spots are filling up fast but it can be worth checking to see availability. Please be aware that we operate on a Western European time zone so it may not be possible for everyone to participate.

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