Recent Events

There have been some changes to the way 79vRAF now operates. We are no longer part of the European Air Force (EAF) and as a result have dropped the EAF name from our online tags and this webpage.

As a result of the two halves of EAF growing apart with different focuses it was decided that it was best to go separate ways. EAF remains with a focus on World War Two aviation and we are now looking at more of a mix with World War Two aviation on Monday evenings from 19:00 UK local time, modern aircraft on Thursdays from 20:00 UK local time and a campaign night on Sundays, taking part in the campaigns run on the Tactical DCS server. We no longer operate a dedicated training flight, we run training nights on the third Thursday of the month to keep up to date on the latest updates to DCS modules and we have members with specialisms in different modules that are always willing to share their knowledge and help out with any issues.

Our recruitment processes have changed and can be found on the updated recruitment page. The ways to contact us remain the same, Discord being the primary method. We do not operate a forum anymore and we no longer have a TeamSpeak3 channel. Discord covers both of these functions for us.