Setting up V-1 launchers in DCS

I recently downloaded SUNTSAG’s V-1 launchable assets pack and then spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get the V-1 to launch and fly to a target. There were no instructions with the download and not being particularly adept at DCS mission editing I fumbled around for a few hours trying various solutions and watching apparently unrelated “how to” videos, until I stumbled on the logic that Suntsag exploited to make the V-1 fly to a target.

This is a great and finally simple feature to add to your WWII missions, so to save you time here’s the procedure to follow :

a) All becomes immediately clear if you imagine that a V-1 flying bomb is treated by Suntsag in DCS like a piece of artillery or guns on a ship and not like an aircraft.

b) Place your launchable V-1 ramp on the map, then go to Advanced Waypoint Actions, Perform Task, then Fire at Target option. In this menu window you can set the target circle/area, the number of rounds (if you have selected the multiple launcher) and Conditions.

c) Once your target’s direction is established it’s more realistic to point your launch ramp in the right direction.

d) Then you need something to trigger a launch. In the Conditions submenu of Fire at Point it’s a good idea to set triggers such as Is User Flag = (a nbr) or a simple Time More. If using a flag number it’s a matter of going into the Mission Editor, Set Trigger menu to define the trigger parameters for the user flag number you entered in the launchable V-1 Fire at Target Conditions.

The V-1 flight profile is treated like a cruise missile, ie the user cannot set waypoints, altitude or speed. For your information it flies at a speed of 239 Kts and at 180 Ft altitude above ground. Suntsag advises that this is an intermediate user solution until ED come up with something better.

Three V-1’s uncharacteristically following the terrain at low altitude

Real V-1’s were set to fly at different speeds and altitudes, at least high enough to clear terrain and obstacles with a reasonable margin, and at speeds faster than most standard fighters. The Allies used their fastest fighters for Anti-Diver patrols such as the Tempest, the Griffon engined Spitfire Mk XIV with GEM mods, Mustang’s and the Meteor jet. In DCS a V-1 at 239 Kts can be caught up by the MkIX Spitfire in level flight using high rpm and boost settings. Other Allied aircraft in DCS like the P-51 and the P-47 fly faster than the Spitfire MkIX so they have less trouble chasing Suntsag’s V-1’s.

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