F-14 Rudder Control issues

Hi all,
This started last night without any warning. I’m unable to use the rudder pedals. The game is picking them up and when I transfer the rudder to another controller it picks that up too; but still does not work. The initial row in the control assignment is greyed out no matter what, but the rest of the row is the same blue as normal. As soon as I assign an axis to the rudder command the cell with the assignment in goes grey; no matter what controller it is.

I’ve uninstalled the F-14 and reinstalled it. I’ve deleted the different rudder control options in the DCS\mods\…F-14 inputs folder and it’s made no difference.

I’m having no issue is any of the other modules and it does detect the pedals, but I just cannot use them.

Any help much appreciated.

Posted on the ED forums here.

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