DCS Huey to get Multi-crew

Today’s announcement from ED shows that the Huey is finally going to get multi-crew support. While the Gazelle showed some initial promise as the first DCS helicopter to get multi-crew support it never quite worked out; it’s meant to be being redeveloped. It would be great if they could get a helicopter to work seamlessly with multi-crew – especially one with missiles and systems such as those on the Gazelle; allowing for better use of terrain masking.

The Huey always just seemed ripe for multi-crew support. The gunner seat has a set of controls that suddenly make it a much more potent weapon – with the adjustable gun-sight linked directly to the mini-guns as well as the door gunners. The below information has come from the latest weekend news from the DCS Forum:


UH-1H Multi-Crew Functionality – currently in internal testing
This hugely anticipated feature is close to seeing the light of day. We have begun internal testing of multi-crew functionality for the Huey. The initial testing is progressing well, and it will allow two pilots to fly the Huey as a team. Pilots will be able to interact with each other’s panels, and it should be a fun addition to an already excellent module.

This is an update I’m definitely looking forward to!

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