Spitfire Sim Pit Update Feb 2019

It’s been some time since the last update because I have been busy making Spitfire sim kits for several virtual pilots and have been trying to do some development as well.

Max take-off stop

On the development side I have added as standard to the kit an adjustable max take-off stop for the throttle gate. Previously this was fixed and moulded as part of the gate. Now we can run up the engine in DCS to the prescribed 12 lbs/sq.in and then slide the max take-off stop to fit against the throttle lever and then tighten up the nuts

Prototype cockpit with column chain guard added

One of the things I have at last got around to is to make up a chain guard for my prototype kit. The prototype guard was made out of rather thick framing board and folded to shape. The two sides are held in place by aluminium supports by simple pressure which allows the parts to be removed if we need to attend to the aileron link mechanism. Production versions may be made of stiff card or plastic sheet, but even my rough prototype  works fine and makes the column really look the part.

Ki-Gass real & 3D version

Next up has been work on designing a replica Ki-Gass primer pump. As it is rather difficult to find engineering drawings with dimensions of all the parts, I have started to acquire genuine parts, from which I do some reverse engineering. I am pretty happy with my first attempt which needs further refinements, such as the lettering on the cover and the addition of a screw thread. I then need to figure out how to make this emulate the mouse wheel and click which is used to activate this unit in DCS.

I also obtained a genuine starter button which will be used to create both starter and booster buttons. I need to find a flip cover to complete the design.

Cockpit project fist frame

I take this opportunity to thank my growing number of passionate virtual Spitfire pilots who are keeping me too busy making up new sets to get enough time to complete my big project which is to build a complete flight sim cockpit section.  I plan to offer this

for hire at airshows, museums and corporate or promotional events. One of my last sets has gone to a customer who runs a flight sim centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. So if you are in the area you’ll be able to try out my Spitfire Histories sim controls for real.

Another thing on my to do list is to get my website up again after several months “under maintenance”. In the meantime visit the Spitfire Histories free to download mobile app which has latest news of my products and events.

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