de Havilland Mosquito for DCS World!

Ok, so I think this may have been speculated upon but this is the first that I have seen from a moderator or any kind of link to ED stating anything about the Mosquito:

Secondly, We have now made some headway on the P-47, I expect that to start making news soon, [b]the Mosquito is coming[/b], I have ordered a whack of 262 documents for Yo-Yo, the asset pack is going to be getting some new AI aircraft soon and some other things I cannot speak of right now, but very exciting. So the conspiracy theory is pretty baseless.

This was contained in a post about the Normandy map, with speculation growing about whether it is finished or not; but that’s another story. To me the news of a Mosquito is fantastic. I don’t know what model it will be, but to have a proper, twin engined, WW2 RAF strike aircraft in DCS World. The only issue is that, in my opinion, it would require a greater level of detail on the UK side of the Normandy map for it to be used properly, but it would appear that this is really not likely to happen; given the responses in the thread linked above.

Previous news, in April, was

Q. We’ll see a bomber on DCS World with multcrew someday? Which one would you like to fly in the simulator? – Overvolt

A. Yes, we are considering the Mosquito very actively and have gathered a very substantial amount of data. Dima (Yo-Yo) will travel to UK in July prior to Flying Legends and finish all his research and then we can get cracking.

This is one addition that I am definitely excited to see.


Main image from Mossie1200_480.jpg

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  1. Starfire says:

    This is great news. The Mossie was my first love before I meet the 190. To me the Mossie is still is the greatest bomber of WW2.


    1. 79vRAF says:

      I love the Mosquito, it would certainly be a rival for the Harrier for my time!


  2. pervonharke says:

    For a multicrew bomber I’d rather have the B-17 but also I’d guess that I has to many crew members.


    1. 79vRAF says:

      No suggestion of multi-crew, yet, but it would make sense. I don’t think there are any airfields that could support a B-17 yet!


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