Bringing hands into DCS World

One of the hopes that many VR aviators have is that they can throw off the shackles of a mouse and keyboard completely and bring their hands into the game. It would seem that Eagle Dynamics are working with Captoglove to develop such a means through VR gloves.

The video below shows how the hands can move in DCS:

This video shows how the laser pointer operates:

While this is good news the initial release is due to operate like a laser pointer to flip switches, not flipping switches with your fingers and getting ‘feel’ through haptic feedback. This is meant to be in development though, so hopefully it won’t be too long until this can be realised and the level of immersion in VR is taken to another level.

Captoglove screenshot

I have to say, though, I’m not thrilled about looking like I’m playing with myself while using a virtual stick (see above video!)…using VR can already look mildly ridiculous, but that looks wrong on a whole new level. Hopefully there will be a way of getting the gloves to ignore the in cockpit stick so that you can use you HOTAS without issue.

Another system that look like it could have promise, though they are not currently working with Eagle Dynamics, is SensoryX. There was a petition started in the Facebook Group DCS VR Aviators to get Eagle Dynamics to allow them to develop their system for DCS World.

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