Storm of War in DCS World?

Hi all,

Could it be happening? Could we be on the verge of getting a DCS WW2 server with more than air-quake in mind?

Unfortunately I was unable to make the test run on Friday, 22nd June, but Philstyle has released a recording of his flights on the test server. There were a couple of EAF pilots involved – Red and Mikke – and reports were good:

“That was proper good fun! Reminded me a bit of flying CoD Storm of War, although quite different time of the war, this time it was our bombers coming in to bomb the Germans.” – EAF_Mikke

“Must admit really enjoyed it, even though I got kicked once the rest of the flight was good, apart from my shooting, but more practice and I will get there, Phil is going to tweak the mission a few times, that means we can have the same mission running, but slightly different versions of it, which sounds good to me, and a blast to fly along side 6 B17’s with the cockpit open” EAF602_Red

To add to the feeling of optimism here is Philstyle’s recording of the event:

The numbers on the server were not huge, but it was a test mission.

“Excellent mission. Thanks Phil for building it. Thanks to those who took part in the testing.


Not sure what the total pilot count was, but probably about 3-4 Blue and 8-10 Red at the peak. The AI however meant that it didn’t feel unbalanced at any stage.” – XVII Dietrich

There is still more testing and more development to work on, but this could be what a number of us have been waiting for, proper WW2 style missions in DCS World.

Just to add that if you are interested in getting involved in this but do not yet have the modules (Sptifire Mk IX, P-51D, Bf109K or Fw190D-9, Normany Map and WW2 Assets Pack) they are all on sale now until 3rd July 2018 with up to 50% off.

For more updates on SoW DCS events follow the Storm of War forum.

Edit: For those that are unaware of previous iterations of Storm of War please check here, for the old Cliffs of Dover version, and here for a summary of how SoW worked. Also check out Philstyle’s You Tube channel to see what took place for a couple of years in IL2 Cliffs of Dover.

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