Spitfire MkIX sim kit update n° 4


Design work has now started on the right hand side of the cockpit with the chassis unit. The exterior of the unit is just about complete, with working lever and stop gates, plus the status indicator window.

The internal design work needs to be completed for the mechanism to operate the status plate and for the electronics, but this shouldn’t take too long before starting work on the next element : the “wobble” pump.

The zoom view shows the rather extensive lettering on the unit, which is engraved in the casing. It looks good in the pictures but it’s a real bind to get a good finish as the 3D printing of this is rarely perfect and a lot of work is needed to obtain an acceptable result. It would be easier to use transfers, but never mind we try to keep it as close to the real McCoy as possible.


The experts among you will note that I have left off the guard for the chain operated landing gear locking mechanism that runs off at about 240° and the cover for the electro-pneumatic unit that normally sits in the lower part of the unit.

3D printing of kit n°4 is underway for our next proud Spitfire pilot in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Perhaps one day we’ll see a squadron of virtual pilots flying Spitfires in true WWII style !

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Starfire says:

    It looks really cool 🙂


    1. EAF79_Topsy says:

      Hi Starfire, thanks, I hope it will “feel good” as well !


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