Thrustmaster T-Flight Pedals: 1 year on

Some of you may have seen my post from 2017 reviewing the Thrustmaster T-Flight pedals. Well, they’ve now seen a year of pretty heavy use. Have they degraded? Have they grown on me even more? Are my attempts to build up the suspense useless? (Probably)

Overall I have been satisfied with the pedals. I had seen them as a stop-gap until I could afford a set of Cross Wind pedals. I bought them as my old CH Pedals were glitching and after one of the pedals had sliced through a cable they were not really up to scratch. I was fortunate that I had signed a new mobile phone contract that came with an £80 Amazon voucher and the pedals just happened to be £79.99…it was an easy decision!

In my last review I said I would recommend them. I still stand by this. If you are looking for an entry level set of pedals these are great. Until recently I really haven’t had an issue with them. They are comfortable, accurate and easy to use. I would, however, leave one word of caution. I’ve responded to a number of comments on DCS, and other sim groups, on Facebook and a number of people complain about the pedals sticking as a result of dirt/hair/fluff getting on to the rails that the pedals slide on. I said that I had not encountered such an issue; and my pedals were used on a carpet at that time. The pedals are by no means dirty but I have begun to notice more of a tendency to get a bit sticky past a certain point. This is not to say that they will remain where you put them if you were to take your feet off, but they do not travel as smoothly as they once did. I am sure that there will be a fix for this – probably some kind of grease – but it is a slight disappointment. This is doubly so as the pedals are no longer on the carpet. Since having bought an Obutto Ozone at the end of the year the pedals have been raised up on a dedicated pedal tray. Their exposure to fluff/hair/dirt is greatly reduced compared to being placed directly on a carpet.

Thrustmaster Pedals in the Obutto Ozone…after taking this picture maybe there is more dirt than I thought!

I would look to upgrade to the Cross Wind pedals, but they will not fit in the space on the Ozone, so I will be sticking (pun not intended) with the T-Flight Pedals for quite some time. My only misgiving is that they might not have the longevity of my old CH Pro Pedals. These pedals are not really comparable to the Cross Winds, but they fulfill their purpose well and with a little attention I am sure they will last a good long while, but with a little more spending power the CH Pedals may be a better investment; however I prefer the feel of the Thrustmaster pedals under my feet.


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