Spitfire MkIX sim kit test in DCS


A 15 minute video presenting the prototype sim kit, its installation and flight test in a DCS MkIX Spitfire for which it was designed. The controls and functions are therefore closely linked to those of the MkIX to enhance the flight and immersion experience.

At last we can fly just like in a real Spitfire !

The sim kit has already been tested in IL2 – Cliffs of Dover and in the Battle of Stalingrad suite, both in other marks of Spitfire (MkI & MkV) as well as in several other types of aircraft including bombers.

The kit offers a total of 7 sliders and 13 buttons and switches, many of which can be assigned to any function chosen by the pilot.

Testing has gone extremely well and I am satisfied that pilots will be able to tune the controls to their personal satisfaction.

During the electronics fitting and testing phase I hand modified a few parts, which I now need to modify in the 3D drawings before being able to print them up.

I expect to start printing before the end of the month and be able to supply a few sets in time for Father Christmas to pick them up.

Kits will be hand assembled and tested, so production will initially be on a limited basis. If the kit becomes popular I will look at other more industrial production processes.

Prices for the first production run will be at 450 Euros plus postal/shipping charge.

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