Spit Sim Project at Flying Legends 8th July

I am happy to announce that the prototype elements of the Spitfire MkIX replica flying controls for pc simulators will be “unofficially ” presented at the Flying Legends airshow in Duxford on Saturday 8th July.

Unofficially, because I will have the elements with me and will show them to those interested persons who show up to a meeting point at 11:30 am at the outside left corner of the USAAF Hangar. NB Left side when facing the glass fronted building !

The kit on show will include the left hand cockpit controls, including the throttle quadrant, the elevator and rudder trim wheels unit and the radio remote controller unit. These parts already include their internal electronics, but although the Arduino USB controller has been tested, it has not yet been programmed for the various elements of the Spitfire sim kit.

I have a wooden mock up of the control column which I will bring as well. This element is very basic. The final design will include two position firing button, a working brake lever, and a pos switch in the “camera” switch position. There will also be a “chain guard” to hide the roll link mechanism.  If I have time I will try to bring the definitive 3D printed prototype of the spade grip and gooseneck.


For those of you who are not attending Flying Legends on Saturday, I will be spending a few days in Norwich and will be happy to meet up in or near the area to show the sim gear and maybe have a beer or two.

To contact me for a meeting or for further information :

Email : austin.spitfire@gmail.com

Mobile : +33 (0)6 07 50 66 86

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