So…Team Fusion and Cliffs of Dover

After a dramatic trailer and a big announcement news became sparse and speculation rife…so what is happening with Team Fusion and IL2 Cliffs of Dover?

Well, we are starting to get news from Team Fusion Studios about the changes to IL2 Cliffs of Dover. An agreement has been reached with 1C Studios to allow them the access to the all important source code, allowing them to rewrite the whole game if they wanted to.

We have footage of the impending Gladiator Mk II:

We know we’re getting the Bristol Beaufighter (EAF331_Stuntman is very pleased)

We have news on aircraft lists and we are told, this is important as we’ve been told a great many things over the last three years when it comes to Cliffs of Dover development, that we will get TF5.0 as a payware add-on by the end of 2017. However, before that TF4.5 will be released, possibly with a couple of aircraft and hopefully with plenty of bug fixes. We know that TF5.0 will have a new map, centred around Tobruk – North Africa.

There are hints that the TacView system from DCS is going to be compatible with Cliffs of Dover too:

And we still have the stuff that is generally irritating some people and causing semi’s to be hidden by others as little, generally unnoticeable, additions (like exhaust smoke on ground vehicles) are implemented:

Aircraft list for TF5.0:


-P-40B/Tomahawk IIA
-P-40C/Tomahawk IIB
-P-40E/Kittyhawk IA
-F4F-3/Martlet II
-F4F-3a/Martlet IIIA ( UK version)
-F4F-3a/Martlet IIIB ( Greece version used in Africa )

-Gladiator II ( Cockpit )
-Hurricane I Trop
-Hurricane IIA
-Hurricane IIA Trop
-Hurricane IIB
-Hurricane IIB NF
-Hurricane IIB Trop
-Hurribomber IIB Trop
-Hurricane IIC
-Hurricane IIC Trop
-Hurribomber IIC Trop
-Hurricane IID Trop
-Spitfire IIB
-Spitfire IIB Late – ( metal alerons )
-Spitfire VA
-Spitfire VB
-Spitfire VB Late – ( 16lbs boost )
-Spitfire VB Trop
-Spitfire VC Trop Early – ( 4x20mm )
-Spitfire VC Trop
-Blenheim IV Trop
-Beaufighter IC ( Cockpit )
-Beaufighter IF
-Wellington IA ( Cockpit )
-Wellington IC


-109E-7 with drop tank
-109E-7 Trop (tropical)
-109E-7N with drop tank
-109E-7NZ GM-1 (NoS) version

-109F-1 (with MG/FFM in nose) DB601N engine
-109F-2 (with MG151/15mm in nose) DB601N engine
-109F-2 (with MG151/20mm in nose) DB601N engine
-109F-2 Trop (tropical with MG151/20mm in nose) DB601N engine
-109F-4 Early DB601E engine limited to 1.30ata boost
-109F-4 Early Trop (tropical) DB601E engine limited to 1.30ata boost
-109F-4 DB601E engine
-109F-4 Trop (tropical) DB601E engine”

The one thing that has now happened is that the old patches are no longer required. TF4.312 is now part of the Steam setup, if you follow a couple of steps:


This then makes 4.312 the new standard for IL2 Cliffs of Dover until the new version is released. Working in this way is far better for those annoying times when you have to reinstall the game and you find you have lost the patches for some reason! I have downloaded and tested this, it works (unlike the last patch to be released on Steam which wrecked installs and caused mayhem! Thanks Steam!)

We’re certainly eager to see what comes of this all, but interest has shifted to other areas at the moment with Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban becoming the sim of choice for a good chunk of EAF and DCS world filling the rest of the time in anticipation of the release of the Normandy map and assets pack.

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  1. I was great to hear from TF again, as I was beginning to worry. But I cannot help thinking that they are using time on the wrong things when I see that they focus on a Gladiator cockpit. There are a distinct lack of Allied ground attack aircraft, especially for the CAS role (Combat Air Support). There are currently no flyable strategic allied aircraft’s and the road/train system needs to be fixed. The last item are currently a major obstacle for a realistic SEOW like campaign system. HRCodWar ( . Currently the ground units teleport (cut/past) from place to place which makes any kind of war on a tactical level impossible. It also takes away the possibility to destroy supplies, making checkpoints for ground units. Keeping a kind of border, etc.
    I was also nice to see the first update on Steam which worked flawlessly for me. If OD’s news on TacView is true, will really make my day. This tool is really great for training as it illustrates combat in a simple and clear way.
    Thanks for the news OD 😉


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