DCS Sale – 40% off on Steam other discounts on DCS Website…

Hi all,

There’s currently a 40% off sale on DCS World modules on Steam.


  • DCS Mustang is £13.79 on Steam at the moment, well worth it
  • F-86 = £19.79
  • Mig 15 = £19.79
  • L-39 two seat trainer – with instructor capability = £19.79
  • Flaming Cliffs 3 – £15.59
  • Fw190 & Bf109 = £19.79

The P-51 and F-86 are well worth it, I believe the Mig-15 is meant to be very good but I don’t own it. The helicopters are all excellent, and all are on sale.
The L-39 will give you the chance to have instruction from other EAF pilots that own it – the second seat had dual controls and multi-crew. It has a blind flying hood as well, to test instrument flying – there are two version when you buy it the C and the ZA. The ZA has the instruction capability as well as a more potent ground attack function and air to air missiles for close in combat.

There are some excellent modules on sale. Shame the Mirage 2000, Spitfire and F-5E are not on Steam yet, but one day!

Steam CD Keys can be used with the non-steam version, but not the other way around

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