EAF Strikes back on ATAG

Last night, for the first time in a while, EAF had numbers online in the ATAG server. Deciding that some low-level strikes were in order on Blue targets we carefully navigated our way across the Channel and into France; ably led by the C/O Vortex. All aircraft made it to the target and caused heavy damage, losing one aircraft in a crash on the return journey.

For our second sortie we had seven Blenheims hitting a Blue convoy in the Channel as it approached Dover. The sorite nearly began with a disaster as the lead aircraft was attacked by a lone Bf110 near Canterbury. With the Blenehims going into a defensive circle OD pressed home a head on attack, scoring hits on the port engine. After this the attacks on the Bf110 were relentless with rear gunners and wing guns being used to bring it down in flames. It would’ve been great to overhear their comms channel!

The attack continued and the covoy was hit, with at least three ships going down in the first strike. The Blenheims landed at Hawkinge and rearmed and reloaded for a second strike.

The second attack went in unheeded by the Blue fighter force and all but one of the convoy was sent to sleep with the fishes outside the port of Dover, just in time for the mission to end and Red to meet it’s objectives.

It was a really good night, and a great re-introduction to Cliffs of Dover after a few months of DCS World. (Though using Track IR after Oculus Rift is just weird!)SoWBomber 6s_zpsfcefdxq5

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