DCS World Sale…

Hi all,

News of another DCS World sale has come out from 10t-20th June 2016

  • DCS: L-39 Albatros – 50% off
  • DCS: NEVDA Test and Training Range map – 20% off
  • DCS: SA342 Gazelle – 10% off
  • Most of other released DCS World modules – 40% off

The L-39 Albatros is a Czech trainer aircraft and has full dual cockpit and control support as a full training aircraft for those new to flying fast jets in DCS World.

For the same price though…

The epic Mig-21 Module…the modelling in this is the most detailed out there for any of the modules to date.

The Nevada map is an essential part of the current DCS 2.0 beta test – which sees some real improvements over the current Georgia map in DCS 1.5.

For those interested in getting into DCS World this might be a good opportunity to get a training and light attack aircraft for $29.99, €26, or £21.

The video below is a recent competition winner from the DCS Forums:

It’s a shame we can not share the licenses to make an EAF OTU for DCS, because that would be pretty cool. We could then have an instructor in the back seat with the trainee taking control after being walked through the lesson.

The Gazelle is the latest helicopter addition to DCS, and I believe Mani is very interested in it. I’m less so – for the moment – as I’m still getting to grips with the Huey, but it’s certainly had some interesting reviews, being a handful to fly and quite a challenge.

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