EAF DCS Training Events


~S~ All,

Well, in the Storm of War downtime, we’ve had a couple of nights flying in DCS World. It’s turned out to be better than we thought and pretty enjoyable. As a result we’re going to try and put together some focused training missions for the P-51D and the F-86F (as these are the most common aircraft that EAF pilots appear to possess).

We’ll try to take a focus, at first on aircraft operation, with progression on to the ground attack capabilities of each aircraft and how we can best operate them in groups. The training missions will have a range of targets and triggers for AI ground and air targets that spawn in and get progressively harder to destroy.

We don’t want to interfere with Storm of War nights too much, but at the moment we’re free to do this on Mondays and Thursdays. If you could post in the forum about when would be best we can try and get something sorted out so that we have a common time and we trial different techniques and methods until we’re really getting the hang of the aircraft enough to go into the main servers.

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