Storm of War Announcement

A new announcement from the Storm of War team, so it may not be long until the Long War 4 starts and we get to have another crack at the Blue team.

From Reddog:

Hi guys, two weeks since we said SoW would be returning, so I figured it would be good to update you on what’s been going on.

I’ve made a number of changes to the server tool, which we call the Template Manager. This program is a combined server manager (keeping the server up, restarting the missions, loading the next one) and a management tool for the various templates of objects as well as giving us a GUI to change various settings within the game. The change of system to the individual Aircraft system we had in 3.0 meant that various admin tasks were extremely manual and prone to cock ups. I’ve had to redesign a large portion of the program and database to give us back a simpler and automated system for replacing object templates, spawn layouts etc.

Phil has been busy as well, working through the 100’s of templates we had to separate objects from spawns, to redesign targets, create new ones and generally get sick of the sight of the FMB.

Dietrich has been tidying up the forum, doing some web development and preparing test plans for the next phase of development.

What’s next? Well, I have a number of changes to make to the server code, and then we can begin to work through the test cases Dietrich has identified, so that when we launch 4.0 we’re confident that everything has been fully tested this time. We’re still looking at a couple more weeks of work.

Spitfire & Ju87

In the meantime we’ll continue on ATAG and in DCS World, but time to start thinking about preparations.

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