Stuntman top scorer on SoW

So, it would appear that not only are EAF taking the fight to Blue team, and ensuring their plans never come to fruitition, but they also have the top scoring pilot on the server within their ranks. EAF331_Stuntman with 28 kills from 37 sorties. In addition to this he has 9 shared kills, 4 assists and has transported 12 aircraft for the Squadron. With EAF602_Red in the list with a menacing 15 kills from 19 sorties it would seem EAF’s presence is detrimental to the Blue war effort.

Add to this the stunning videography that he brings to the server and we have quite an asset in our midst!

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  1. Guly says:

    On 28 only 3 kills are humans, the rest are scored with AI’s in the afternoon/morning…
    C’mon guys!


    1. 79vRAF says:

      While this is true, in the case of Stuntman, it is no less difficult to shoot down an AI bomber compared to a human one; keep in mind they fly a far tighter formation. Also to get six in one sortie is an achievenent when using 0.303in machine guns. To have the ammunition and marksmanship to do that is an achievement. Add to that the return fire from the gunners and the uncertainty of escorts presence and you still have a challenging scenario. Also Stuntman predominantly flies the Hurricane, not the Spitfire, so he’s not flying the ‘hottest’ aircraft. There is also a skill in being able to properly intercept and survive.

      We can also be shooting down AI bombers with a high, human piloted, escort. It is an even bigger achievement to get through the fighter screen in those instances and then come away with bomber kills than it is to shoot down a human piloted aircraft.

      All of the aircraft count equally in defending Red territory. The AI aircraft do no less damage than the Human flown raids. They all have to be shot down, so you are not making a fair point in context. Put in context, Blue team regularly fly their bombing missions when there are no/few Red opponents online – just so happens this is also in the morning/afternoon. So ‘gaming’ the game is not the preserve of the Red pilot.

      So, while you point may be valid, it does not detract from the achievement. The detractors would do well to consider the bigger picture.


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