EAF get busy with it…

A busy weekend with Blue team launching a concerted effort to try to register on the ‘scale of being awkward’ after previous weeks of generally barely registering on the scale of ‘things to react to‘.

So Sunday saw JG4 out in strength, though no real threat as yet again they were all in Bf109s. A few raids here and there, but nothing to write home about.

Monday saw activity over the Isle of Wight and this time we indulged JG4 and went to say hello. It was inconclusive, as engagements go. In the afternoon 54 Squadron and EAF joined forces to decimate incoming Blue raids without loss. A brief engagement was had with JG4 around the Thames estuary, but no losses were incurred.

In the meantime EAF destroyed the FREYA station at Cap Gris Nez and attacked the invasion barges in Cherbourg Harbour – footage here. As a result the Blue team were shown how things should be done, with an escorted raid, flown by human pilots and destroying targets; not playing games of kiss chase with each other.


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