Hunting He-111’s

With EAF602_Red and EAF79_OD_  short on time, but with plenty of enthusiasm, a sortie was launched to hunt down the Blue attackers that had crossed into Kent and Sussex.

With TOPHAT control on the airwaves for guidance a successful interception was made with an unescorted raid of 6 He-111’s as they headed back to France. Three had already been taken out, along with the escort by an earlier squadron. All that was left was for EAF to finish off the job.

End result EAF 6 – Blue Team 0

Thank you very much to the excellent guidance of HurstLlama in TOPHAT control; it was very much appreciated.



Author: 79vRAF

79vRAF is a group of friends that play flight simulators online. We use historical squadron codes and mainly fly in IL2 Cliffs of Dover. Our main focus in the Storm of War campaign, but we also fly on the ATAG server. 79vRAF joined the European Air Force in August 2015 so we are now part of a larger grouping. We can be recognised online with the tag EAF79_ Our motto is "Trust, Honour, Loyalty and Friendship" recruits are always welcome.

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