EAF do Cherbourg

Well, after a night of smacking Blue aircraft over London we decided a change of pace was in order, so we hit Cherbourg Freya station. Two Blenheim Mk IVs escorted by a pair of Hurricanes and a pair of Spitfires, all followed up by a Blenheim IVF to admire our handy work.

End result:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 18.43.03

Footage of the raid has been compiled and analysed showing the damage caused.

No Blue resistance was encountered, all aircraft returned safely.


Author: 79vRAF

79vRAF is a group of friends that play flight simulators online. We use historical squadron codes and mainly fly in IL2 Cliffs of Dover. Our main focus in the Storm of War campaign, but we also fly on the ATAG server. 79vRAF joined the European Air Force in August 2015 so we are now part of a larger grouping. We can be recognised online with the tag EAF79_ Our motto is "Trust, Honour, Loyalty and Friendship" recruits are always welcome.

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