EAF come out on top

After an evening knowing that the Blue Air Force were out in strength, with fighter sweeps across Kent, it was a small victory for EAF to come out on top. Initially just EAF602_Red and EAF_79_OD_ online the outcome could have been very different.

Our first victory was high over Dover, when a pair of Bf109s tried to engage Red without seeing OD. This led to an overshoot by the lead Bf109 putting AKA_Hangten squarely in OD’s sights, leaving the Bf109 trailing smoke and diving away.

A later scrap saw the pair engaged by four aircraft from 9./JG52 which left both Hurricanes heading north to escape, it was a fruitless struggle and both ended up bailing out, but not before having inflicted damage on a couple of the 109s. Both pilots survived.

The third sortie saw EAF19_Pinetree join the fray and JG4 were encountered low over the Channel. Both JG4_Ammi and JG4_Hannes were left with a long swim home. Fortunately, for them, they were picked up by German ASR boats.

EAF came away with four victories for two losses. A 2:1 kill ratio, not a bad start to the campaign. To top it all off Blue were unable to score any points or take advantage of the triple points on offer due to the excellent defensive duties of the Red Air Force

Picture credit – Air Combat Group Facebook page

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