Storm of War – The Long War 3

After a quiet patch to lick their wounds and have some time off at Christmas Blue relaunched their offensive against the Red Team yesterday.

It wasn’t pretty, there were many 109’s in the skies over Kent and few bombers in the initial waves. A few brief encounters were had between Dover, Eastchurch and Manston but all were inconclusive.

At 21:00 a formation of He-111’s was sighted heading north in the Canterbury area, EAF79_Vortex, EAF602_Red and EAF79_OD_ pressed home an attack and set three of the enemy aircraft alight and split the formation – no parachutes were seen. _OD_ lost elevator control but continued the attack until escorting Bf109’s joined the fray, at which point the only option was to bale out.

We’d like to thank those that took the time to serve a spell in Ground Control and look forward to our next encounter with Blue team and hope to make their stay in the South East of England a bit more pemanent as PoWs, where we can get to know them a bit better!

Hurricane's taxying

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