Storm of War re-launch update

Good news! Storm of War server is due to relaunch on Sunday 6th March, be prepared for convoy defence, Chain Home attacks and preliminary airfield strikes as Blue look to set the scene for the Battle of Britain recreation in ‘The Long War 3’.

Op Sec is back to utmost importance. Do not mention bases, numbers, locations or plans in insecure areas.

To see highlights from 79 Squadron’s campaign in ‘The Long War 2’ see the links below

Hurricane vs 8 x Bf110 OD & Red attack a Blue raid and find themselves under attack by 8 Bf110’s

5 Ju88’s in three minutes OD on a lone flight stumbles upon 5, unescorted, Ju88’s…

Hitting JG4 where it hurts The last day of the campaign, EAF go looking for trouble…

Operation ‘Tinned Mackerel’ A large planned operation against the JG4 base…

Raiding Arras The last day of the campaign, OD & Vortex link with the 20th Bomber Group and hit Arras.

111 Sqn Hurricane 3

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