DCS World and Flaming Cliffs 3

Ok, so I’ve taken the plunge and bought Flaming Cliffs 3, currently down to £18.99 on Steam, it gives you a good range of aircraft:

  • A-10A
  • F-15C
  • Su-25 T
  • Su-25
  • Mig 29A
  • Mig 29S
  • Su-27
  • Su-33

It all works in the DCS World theatre with the other modules that are available to buy. These aircraft do not have the clickable cockpits that some of the more advanced modules have (A-10C for example) but they do have the advance flight model. As you can imagine, it is a far cry from Cliffs of Dover or any other WW1/2 sim. However, you can have quite a dogfight and be forced into using some challenging terrain to give you cover from missiles and to dodge radar. There is also a lot of potential for ground attack missions. The A-10A is drastically simpler to operate than the C, but the C is more rewarding, and you do get the satisfying BRRRRRR from the cannon! You can use the Maverick missiles, cluster bombs (I think) and normal dumb bombs.

With the Russian aircraft you get excellent short range dogfighters, with the Mig 29S having a helmet mounted sight that allows you to shoot at targets that are not directly in front of you – some of the Russian missiles are crazy in that respect.

I have found this far easier to get into than Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow. I love the graphics, I like that it can be relatively straight forward to get the hang of to mind bogglingly detailed if you want it to be (like the A-10C!). I’m keen to know the level of interest in flying in this more – secondary to Storm of War maybe – but I’ve been finding it very compelling – plus Occulus Rift support is built in…I can keep dreaming!

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